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One day
We'll meet again and you'll need me, you'll see me completely
Every little bit
Oh yeah maybe you'll love me, you'll love me then

I don't want to be tough
And I don't want to be proud
I don't need to be fixed and I certainly don't need to be found
I'm not lost
I need to be loved
I just need to be loved

Times I've seen Kelly

Hazel Eyes World Tour - Amsterdam, 13 March 2006
My December World Tour - Cologne, 3 April 2008 + M&G
My December World Tour - Amsterdam, 6 April 2008
Radio 538 - Hilversum, 4 March 2009 + MET KELLY
All I Ever Wanted World Tour - London, 19 February 2010 + M&G
All I Ever Wanted World Tour - Cologne, 23 February 2010
All I Ever Wanted World Tour - Amsterdam, 25 February 2010

My Meet and Greets with Kelly

Meet & Greet 3 april 2008:

Sabrina (Breakaway9o) told me she'd wait for me and Kelly goes: Are you all friends?
Me: We know each other from the Express.
Kelly: Oh cool! What's the name?
Me: Her name? *point at door, meaning Sabrina*
Kelly: No no, your name!
Me: Oh, haha, Iris.
Kelly: Ah that's a pretty name.
Me: Thank you. I got you some gifts!
Kelly: Oh let me see.
Me: I've got a voodoo doll. I know the Clive voodoo doll is probably better but I liked this.
Kelly: Haha no the Clive one was just for fun, this I'm gonna really use! (She said something like that)
Me: Haha okay, I also got you a shotglass game. So you can drink some more Chivas.
Kelly: Oh thank you, I will!
Me: And I also got you a card with a funny thing on the front.
Kelly: *grabs card out of my bag and reads it out loud* Hahaha, that's awesome!
The card was saying: 'Okay, so God made men first. But doesn't everyone make a rough draft before they make a masterpiece?'
Then Kelly looked on the inside of the card and saw I wrote something and closed it again.
Kelly: Thanks for all the gifts! *put gifts away on some sort of table* Would you like to have a picture?
Me: Can I have two?
Kelly: Sure! What would you like?
Me: One hugging pic and a funny one.
Kelly: Okay. *litteraly grabs me*
Kelly: Okay. I'm going to count to three and on three we both do something crazy okay?
Me: Haha okay
Kelly: One, two, THREE!
I couldn't exactly see what Kelly was doing but I thought she was grabbing her head or something, haha.
Kelly: Thanks for the gifts again! *hugs*
Me: Thank you so much.
Kelly: *smile* Byee!
Me: Bye! 

Meet & Greet 19 February 2010:

Kelly: Hi, it’s nice to meet you
Me: Nice to meet you too.
Kelly: What was your name?
Me: Iris.
Kelly: Lot’s of I’s today! (Two other people had their name begin with an I, too)
Me: Yeah, I know. I brought you this. *A cd wrapped in gift paper*
Kelly: Oh, who is this?
Me: Lisa Lois.
*Kelly unwraps the cd*
Kelly: Oh! I thought this was the actual cover, haha. I’m an idiot!
Me: Nooo.
Kelly: Ah, Lisa Lois. I never heard of her.
Me: You actually met her, I think last year here in London for X-factor in Holland. She won.
Kelly: Oh really?
Me: Yeah.
Kelly: Well, I love music so I love hearing new music too. Thank you!
Me: You’re welcome. I also got you a card, you can read it after the show.
Kelly: Oh thank you! Would you like a picture?
Me: Yes.
Kelly: I’m sorry I kind of bumped into you, like this *makes an AAAH noise and grabs me*
Me: That’s okay, haha.
Kelly: Have fun tonight!
Me: Thank you, have a great show!
Kelly: Thanks!